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WeNatal Launch Celebration

WeNatal Launch Celebration
If we can use one word to describe our launch event we would use the word magic. It was pure magic. We celebrated our launch with the most amazing people, in the most beautiful setting. We enjoyed delicious healthy food, laughed and caught up with friends we haven’t seen in a while.
Our community traveled from all over the country to rally behind our mission.

We are so grateful to be able to call the top leaders in the wellness space our friends.


Everyone from Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Afrouz Demeri, Kelly Leveque, Brigid Titgemeier, Dr. Pejman Katiraei, Dr. Rashdian, Dr. Leedia, Mona Sharma, Dhru Purohit, Kaya Purohit, Max Lugavere, Dr. Danica Thornberry to our family who traveled from all over including Israel, Florida and Massachusetts to attend our event and support our launch. 


Dr. Hyman shared his clinical experience and talked about the importance of focusing on men’s health especially due to declining sperm counts. As usual, he kept us entertained by cracking hilarious jokes. 


Kelly Leveque talked about the importance of adherence with a prenatal and how WeNatal was able to revolutionize the industry by delivering functional doses in just 3 pills for women and men. 

Brigid Titgemeier  shared some testimonials from her clients and spoke about the myth that potency can only come in 6-8 capsules.

The brunch spread was all gluten free and organic

The talented chef behind this delicious brunch was our very own @ayeletmenashe


It included some of our favorite brands including:

  • Eat Original Sunshine bagels – not yet launched but coming soon, the best gluten free bagel you will ever taste, without the compromise. Honestly better than a regular bagel!
  • Siete Foods Tortillas – perfect for our breakfast tacos.  We love this brand because of how they reinvented Mexican food to be grain-free and healthy and still delicious!
  • Sound tea – our new addiction that we learned about from Kelly Leveque. Sparkling water with organic tea, botanicals and fruit extracts makes it a sparkling beverage like no other.  A must drink!
  • Farmers Juice – The first Keto juice, founded by our friend Junaid. We love this brand so much because we finally can get nutrient-dense, cold pressed juices delivered to our door for half the price of the juices we normally buy!
  • LMNT – the best way to hydrate. This tasty electrolyte drink mix with everything you need and nothing you dont and backed by the latest scientific research for hydration. (It can even support breastmilk production!) 
  • La Colombe – our favorite coffee brand that set out to make people happy by serving the best coffee while leaving this world better than we found it.  Our favorite is the Organic Bowery Blend.

Thank you to our host and journal author Lillian Cohanzad. The WeNatal journal has already touched so many lives for the better, including ours.  It is so beautifully written with so much love and we cant wait for more couples to experience it.


We love you Lill!



We are so humbled by the support we received from our community and our hope is that we can be a resource to all families that are going through their fertility journeys, pregnancy and postpartum. 


We are here for you. 



Ronit + Vida


P.S. For more highlights from our launch event you can visit our instagram page. 

With Danica Thornberry

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Vida Delrahim and Ronit Menashe

Vida Delrahim and Ronit Menashe

Best friends since meeting at Nike over 15 years ago. Pregnancy loss, just a week apart changed their career trajectories. As they dug into the research they realized that there was a major need in the fertility and pregnancy industry - a good quality prenatal for BOTH women AND men.

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