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Take just three capsules a day. We suggest taking WeNatal after breakfast or lunch to enhance absorption of fat soluble vitamins and we recommend taking with food to prevent vitamin-induced nausea. Complete taking before 2pm as many B vitamins can be stimulating and disrupt sleep.

Also, consider taking it at the same time each day so you can create a habit out of it.

You can take it all at once, but if you need to split up dosing that’s ok as well.

This is caused by Riboflavin (P5P) and vitamin B12. This is normal and nothing to worry about

WeNatal is an effective replacement for traditional multi-vitamins, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and a B-complex, unless otherwise specified by your healthcare practitioner.

We recommend stopping any vitamin or mineral that is also found in the WeNatal formula. Be especially careful to stop any additional vitamin A, E, K, and copper, unless otherwise specified by a licensed healthcare practitioner.

If you are taking a blood thinner such as Warfarin, vitamin K can make this drug less effective by making the blood clot more slowly. The important thing is to take the same amount of vitamin K consistently rather than remove all vitamin K from diet or supplements. If you are on this medication, speak with your doctor about adjusting the dose of the medication to account for the vitamin K. It is especially important to take WeNatal consistently every day when on this type of medication.

We utilize an independent third-party laboratory for testing raw materials and potency of finished goods. You can be confident in the label claims, efficacy, and quality of our product—from its inception to its completion.

Our procurement team seeks out the highest professional-grade ingredients available. Every raw material that enters our manufacturing facility is initially quarantined before undergoing testing by an independent third-party laboratory. Once cleared for production, it is stored on-site in our facility and maintained by our Quality Assurance team. We are committed to complete transparency about the quality of our raw materials.

Absolutely. WeNatal is packed with naturally-occurring nutrients our bodies need, but because of diet or lifestyle, are often depleted. Our Chief Medical Officer, a fertility and prenatal expert, developed our formula, and every ingredient and dose is verified by clinical research.

Also, WeNatal is non-GMO and free of fillers, colors, gluten, dairy, soy, and nuts. Every single ingredient in every batch undergoes rigorous third-party testing.

As with all things related to your health, please consult with your physician before starting WeNatal.

Almost, but not quite. Our Vitamin D is from lanolin, which is the most studied source for that nutrient. While Vitamin D is chemically the same, regardless of its source- lanolin vs Vegan sources – and we could technically make our product vegan by switching, but we chose the one that is most widely used and studied. Although we adore our vegan friends, we have committed to our customers that every one of our ingredients will have scientific backing. As more research becomes available on vegan sources of Vitamin D, that may be something we switch to in the future.

WeNatal is designed to optimize your reproductive health. Sadly, genetic abnormalities and loss can still occur—even if you’re taking the best supplements, managing stress, eating well, and getting plenty of sleep and exercise. If you’ve experienced fertility challenges or miscarriage, please know our hearts are with you.

All good stuff. No junk. See our Supplement Facts For Him, or Supplement Facts For Her, and get all the science-y details over here.

WeNatal is a best-in-class supplement, suited for long-term use in most people. Since everybody is different, please consult with your physician.

1. Omega 3 fatty acids: We recommend adding a docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) supplement. We’ve not included it in WeNatal because the most common source of DHA loses effectiveness when combined with other ingredients. We recommend taking a combined DHA/EPA, either from fish oil or a vegan source.

2. A probiotic supplement to support a healthy gut microbiome. Probiotics may reduce inflammation and regulate blood sugar.

Before beginning WeNatal or any additional supplements, please consult with your physician.

We don’t recommend it. WeNatal is formulated with research-backed dosages to optimize conception and pregnancy.

You can manage your WeNatal subscription by logging into your WeNatal Account. From the My Account menu click on Subscriptions. You will be taken to a subscription page where you can cancel your subscription. If you only need to temporarily stop your subscription, you can also postpone the date of your next shipment.

Yes! We’ll be happy to take care of that for you. Just email us at at least 3 days before your next shipment and we’ll convert your Together subscription to either a WeNatal for Her or a WeNatal for Him single subscription.

Daily Values and percentages have been established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The values listed on nutrition labels reflect the levels of nutrients needed to prevent deficiency and disease. They do not reflect how much a person needs to establish optimal levels. Additionally, in functional medicine we understand that every person’s nutrient needs are different. We have chosen to include higher doses of nutrients that are likely to meet the optimal needs of most people while remaining within a safe level.

If you’ve already subscribed or purchased, then you most likely checked out as a guest so your account is still unregistered. Not to worry. You can register and activate your account at any time. Just click here to be taken to the account registration page. Simply enter the email address associated with your order and create a password. That’s all there is to it!

Yes! The two packets included with your are vitamins are the desiccant pack and the scent pack. The desiccant pack safely absorbs humidity and odor and the scent pack provides a non-toxic, refreshing masking of any residual odors.

All multivitamins will naturally have an odor. This can make it very difficult to take vitamins, especially if you are pregnant and already nauseous.

Many prenatals include additives and fillers which only partially mask odors and provide no nutritional benefit. WeNatal ensures you only ingest ingredients that are good for you and your baby.

Yes. We’ve partnered with TrueMed to help you use your FSA/HSA funds. You can use your HSA/FSA card for one time supplement purchases. Just select TrueMed as the payment option at checkout.

For subscriptions you can continue to use your regular credit card and TrueMed can handle your reimbursements for you for your future refills. Click Here for more information.

WeNatal currently ships to a limited number of International destinations. If you do not see your country listed at checkout please contact us at Shipping times may vary by country and are not guaranteed.

Shipping costs do not include import duties and taxes from the destination country. You will be required to pay those prior to delivery.  Refusal of customs fees will result in the shipment being returned to us. In that event, we will refund the goods but the original shipping fee is not refundable.  Please check with the customs office of your destination country for the import tax rate for vitamin/prenatal supplements prior to ordering.

WeNatal does not use artificial dyes, preservatives or stabilizers in our capsules. Therefore, occasionally you may notice the color of some of the nutrients showing through the natural coating. Depending on how the contents of each capsule settle, you may see many or just a few spots inside the capsule. These spots may darken over time as the capsules are exposed to moisture and or air. Storing in a cool, dry place and storing the desiccant packs with your WeNatal will help alleviate most of this color change. Even with color changes the are are not harmful, and capsules with spots on them are safe to take.

We totally understand that color change can be concerning. WeNatal does not contain dyes or preservatives so some color change can occur overtime. The good news is that efficacy is generally not affected. Several factors may cause your WeNatal capsules to change color.

  • – Moisture
  • – Air exposure/Humidity
  • – Light
  • – Prolonged Heat

Only prolonged heat exposure is likely to reduce efficacy. For the rest the change is really aesthetic and should not cause concern.  Non-heat related factors can be mitigated or eliminated by these simple storage tips.

  • – Always store your capsules with the desiccant and scent pack.
  1. – Store capsules in the WeNatal jar, pouch or other opaque container to block light.
  2. – When removing capsules from the jar make sure your hands are completely dry to prevent moisture from transferring to remaining capsules.
  3. – Store in a cool dry area.
  4. – If possible avoid storing with other vitamins. If you must, try to include the desiccant pack.

Hopefully, these tips will set your mind at ease.

The nutrients in WeNatal are in the forms you would find in food, but they are not whole food-based supplements. While technically the products are crafted using synthetic ingredients, these ingredients originate from food sources as their starting materials. This is because not all ingredients are available in the natural forms and generally when they are, the potency is low. You would have to take 10 capsules or more per day to get the right levels of vitamins and minerals.

For Her

WeNatal for Her includes key nutrients you need to support a healthy pregnancy, such as methylated B vitamins, methylfolate, iron, iodine, zinc, magnesium, and choline, in their most absorbable forms. Additionally, our formula provides a higher dose of vitamin D and choline than several other prenatal supplements currently available.


Many prenatals on the market use synthetic ingredients such as folic acid which many people can’t absorb and can actually be harmful for those with a certain genetic profile. Doses of ingredients are all based on clinical research and backed by science. These are functional doses that make a difference! Our formula is non-GMO, free of major allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, eggs and nut) and free of synthetic fillers and colors.


We make it easy on you with just three capsules designed to be easy on your stomach. Our prenatal is delivered to your door for just $59.95/month.

We recommend you start taking WeNatal for Her at least 3-6 months before trying to get pregnant. However, it is generally a good idea for most women of reproductive age to take a prenatal supplement, and thus can be started long before conception.

Yes! We have included key nutrients to support healing after birth and breastfeeding – iron, B complex vitamins, choline, vitamin D, and antioxidants. We recommend remaining on your prenatal for at least 3 months after giving birth, and at least 12 months if you are breastfeeding. Staying on the prenatal a few months after you have weaned can help replenishing stores in your body. If you plan to get pregnant again, you can continue to stay on the WeNatal as a daily support.

Yes! Nutrients such as vitamin A, C, D, E, zinc, methylfolate, selenium, and iron are all immune-supporting nutrients, especially for women.

Vitamin A has important roles in genetic expression, embryonic development, organ formation during fetal development, normal immune function, and eye development and vision.

We combine two forms of vitamin A – mixed carotenoids (the family of vitamin A compounds found in nature including beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, etc.) and preformed vitamin A, palmitate, which is easily absorbed.

Some people have a difficult time converting carotenoids to palmitate vitamin A, but too much of the palmitate can become toxic, and research shows it may increase the risk of birth defects at levels above 5,000IU (1,500mcg RAE) daily. Mixed carotenoids have not been linked to birth defects, but giving carotenoids alone is not sufficient to maintain optimal vitamin A levels. Therefore, WeNatal included 1,000mcg RAE of mixed carotenoids and 1,200mcg RAE of palmitate which is also recommended in this research study. We use a bit of both to meet the increased needs of vitamin A in pregnancy for all women while staying within a safe level for baby. We also caution women taking WeNatal to limit concentrated sources of vitamin A from their diet, especially liver, so they do not exceed the safe levels of preformed vitamin A.

For more on Vitamin A and Pregnancy see this study. 

Pregnant women need at least double the amount of iron compared to non-pregnant women. However, unless advised by a licensed healthcare professional due to your individual needs, you should not supplement with additional iron.

And don’t worry, we use a form of iron that is gentle on your stomach!

Supplementing with higher doses of vitamin D in pregnancy has been correlated with improved bone mineralization of the baby compared to those with standard dosing.

About 40-60% of the population presents with genetic variants (MTHFR) that inhibit the body’s ability to convert folic acid into the active form of folate (5-methyltetrahydrofolate). Since folic acid has well-known and well-studied benefits in pregnancy, we use the form of folic acid that is bioavailable to all women, no matter their genetic uniqueness. 5-MTHF will not harm those who do not present with any genetic variants (MTHFR).

Preconception: Supports energy production, mood, and builds nutrient reserves so that mom and baby are both sure to have what they need. Key nutrients that are often low in women of childbearing age include vitamin D and iron, both of which you want at optimal levels before pregnancy. Having enough B vitamins, especially folate, is key for supporting a healthy pregnancy. Also, inositol may support a healthy conception if taken before and during the process of getting pregnant.

1st trimester: Folate and choline support healthy neural tube development and facilitate healthy brain development in the critical 28 days after you conceive. Also, increasing blood supply makes iron especially important during the first trimester. Vitamin C not only supports bone and tissue development, but also enhances the absorption of iron.

2nd trimester: Nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, B vitamins, and copper will support the continual development and growth of your baby’s newly formed organs and tissues.

3rd trimester: Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels when used as part of a healthy diet. Supports baby with nutrients through delivery. Nutrients such as vitamin C, D,  magnesium, and antioxidants are especially important in the maintenance of healthy blood pressure already within the normal range. Adequate choline in the 3rd trimester has been associated with better cognitive function late in baby’s life.

Postpartum: To help mom with the healing process postpartum, as well as promote a healthy milk supply, iron, B complex vitamins, choline, vitamin D, and antioxidants are key.

This is common due to the high dose riboflavin (P5P) and vitamin B12. This is normal and nothing for you to worry about.

For Him

We recommend taking it 3-6 months before trying to conceive because it takes sperm about 70 days to mature and WeNatal for Him can optimize sperm quality. We also recommend taking it as a multivitamin after your partner conceives.

Yes! Similar to WeNatal for Her, nutrients in this formula that support optimal immune function include vitamins A, C, D, E, zinc, methylfolate, selenium, and NAC.

This is not necessary, nor recommended! Although the goal is to support optimal male reproductive health, WeNatal for Him continues to be an excellent formula to support overall health.

 Here are the top benefits of taking it beyond conception.

Some research shows it can take up to 2-3 months for significant impact, depending on the person’s level of nutrient reserves. For this reason, it is recommended you start taking WeNatal at least 3-6 months before trying to conceive.

Yes! And in fact, if you are taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement, you should replace it with WeNatal for Him so that you do not get excess fat-soluble vitamins.

L-Carnitine may make thyroid and blood thinning medication less effective. Speak with your doctor about any adjustments that might need to be made and be sure to consistently take your WeNatal for Him to keep the levels in your system the same from day to day.

If you are taking a blood thinner such as Warfarin, vitamin K can make this drug less effective by making the blood clot more slowly. The important thing is to take the same amount of vitamin K consistently rather than remove all vitamin K from diet or supplements. If you are on this medication, speak with your doctor about adjusting the dose of the medication to account for the vitamin K. It is especially important to take WeNatal consistently every day when on this type of medication.

Omega DHA +

YES! Numerous studies show that getting enough omega-3s reduces the risk of early preterm delivery, one of the leading causes of infant mortality.

Unfortunately, most fish oil supplements on the market do not contain DPA or the ideal omega-3 ratio. Even worse, 10% of fish oil supplements on the market are rancid and 20% have been oxidized – which can cause more harm than good. WeNatal takes extra measures to ensure no oxidation has occurred and is third-party tested for purity and safety. 


As with all things related to your health, please consult with your physician before starting WeNatal.

No, not with WeNatal Omega DHA+!It’s a high-quality fish oil made from wild caught & sustainable sources with no artificial additives, flavors or colors. It’s third-party tested for contaminants including heavy metals, mercury, dioxins, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

During pregnancy, the dietary goal for omega-3 fatty acids is650 mg, of which 300mg is DHA. WeNatal Omega DHA+ contains 830 mg of total omegas and 600 mg of DHA.

WeNatal Omega DHA+ is certified by Friend of the Sea, an organization that ensures that seafood is sourced from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. The jar is made out of aluminum and there are no plastic containers or packaging being wasted.

Yes! Research has found that women who took an omega-3 supplement were almost two times more likely to get pregnant on their own versus the women who didn’t. Omega-3 DHA has also been shown to increase progesterone, encourage ovulation, and improve egg quality. 

With more women wanting to have children later in life, a number of studies have shown that omega-3s impact age-related fertility issues and can protect against the age-related decline in female fertility, improved FSH levels and support healthy egg quality.

Yes! Many studies show that supplementing with omega-3s help support sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm morphology. Healthy sperm can improve conception rates, improve healthy birth outcomes, decrease miscarriage rates and improve health pregnancies and babies.

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