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Why everyone is switching to WeNatal. Read the science.

About UsDeveloped by moms who've been right where you are.

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We’ve been there 

I’ll never forget the spot on the wall  I was staring at in the doctor’s office when they told me there was no heartbeat…I felt my whole world caving in. I was miscarrying.

What was even more confusing was the lack of answers I received as to WHY. I was healthy, I took a standard prenatal.. yet I still miscarried. I picked up the phone to tell my best friend, Vida, that I had lost the baby, and through her tears on the other line I couldn’t believe what I heard: she had miscarried a week before. I hung up the phone, devastated for both us. Later that evening in our grief we both realized something similar about our experiences: we were given no direction on what to do differently.

Our doctors told us it's random.. or could be our age, but then it dawned on us that all the conversations were only focused on what could have happened to our eggs… with half of the equation being left out: the sperm. 

Our partner’s health was never mentioned as part of the reason two healthy women were struggling to get pregnant…. so we got to work and started searching for answers. We had no idea that what we were about to discover would change the fertility journey for everyone after us….and we wouldn’t have it any other way,

xo, Vida & Ronit 

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We refused to believe we were simply a statistic 

1 in 4 pregnancies result in miscarriage and it seemed like that’s where the story would end. No more guidance, no more answers…and that wasn’t good enough.  After intense research and collaboration with fertility experts, we realized there was a severely neglected area in the fertility journey: preconception. The time right BEFORE you get pregnant has a major impact on egg and sperm quality. Yes there was something BOTH partner’s could do to increase their chances of a healthy pregnancy & baby before getting pregnant.

So we turned the typical fertility story upside down. We worked with the best fertility experts in the field and started educating people about the benefits of enhancing egg AND sperm quality before trying to get pregnant. We changed the narrative to the chances of a healthy pregnancy were actually better TOGETHER.…and that’s how WeNatal was born.

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Our Promise

We created WeNatal because we care about couples in the growth stage of life.

Our promise is to provide prenatal supplements for women and men with the best-proven formula, backed by science.

From obsessing about creating the cleanest, most potent prenatals for women and men, to creating community for each stage of the parenthood journey, to our gratitude and manifestation journal, we have one thing in mind:

Healthy parents make healthier babies.

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We believe your family deserves better prenatal supplements.

So we made them.

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WeNatal contains the right amount of clinically-proven nutrients to support conception and a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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The WeNatal Difference

  • Comprehensive

    24 key nutrients backed by the latest science and research in just 3 capsules per day

  • Pure

    Non-GMO and free of synthetic fillers, artificial colors, and major allergens. Each batch is 3rd party tested for microbiological/bacterial contamination and heavy metals

  • People First

    We’re here for you. Easy subscription management and expert guidance.

  • Planet Friendly

    Designed with the Earth in mind.

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