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Developed by moms who've been right where you are.

Developed by moms
who've been right
where you are.

Trying to find your way through the prenatal supplement maze is overwhelming.

We decided to do something about it.

Hi, We’re Vida and Ronit

Ronit and Vida, Founders
Vida and Ronit, Founders

How it all began

We have been best friends since the day we met, at a corporate job more than a dozen years ago. We connected on many life milestones, including falling in love, career advancement, getting married, and getting pregnant. In early 2020, we both experienced pregnancy loss, just a week apart. We couldn’t help but wonder about the root cause.

How it all began

What we learned

Our doctors told us it's random, or could be our age, but we were on a mission to find answers to improve our chances of a healthy pregnancy. We thought we were doing everything right - we lived a healthy lifestyle and took prenatal vitamins, yet still, we miscarried. It dawned on us that we weren’t paying attention to the other half of the equation...our partners’ health. So we got to work and started searching for answers. After a lot of research and collaboration with fertility experts, we realized just how critical preconception health is, not just for women, but for future fathers. We then made it our mission to educate couples and provide them both with the best nutrients possible to improve egg and sperm quality. That’s how WeNatal was born.

Vida and Ronit #bettertogether

Our Promise

We created WeNatal because we care about couples in the growth stage of life. Our promise is to provide prenatal supplements for women and men with the best-proven formula, backed by science. From obsessing about creating the cleanest, most potent prenatals for women and men, to creating community for each stage of the parenthood journey, to our gratitude and manifestation journal, we have one thing in mind:

Healthy parents make healthier babies.
Healthy parents make
healthier babies.

We believe your family deserves better prenatal supplements.

So we made them.

We believe your family deserves 
better prenatal supplements.

WeNatal contains the right amount of clinically-proven nutrients to support conception and a healthy pregnancy and baby.

We are...

We are...

  • Potent

    Our dosing and ingredients are doctor formulated and evidence based.

  • Pure

    Our ingredients are clean. Every batch is third-party tested and validated.

  • People First

    We’re here for you. Easy subscription management and expert guidance.

  • Planet Friendly

    Designed with the Earth in mind.

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