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WeNatal 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

WeNatal 2022 Holiday Gift Guide
Can you believe the holiday season is already here? Our team has put together a crazy good gift guide to help make your shopping a little easier this year. These lists were curated around clean, sustainable, non-toxic and nutrition-forward items that are PERFECT for anyone who is trying to conceive. But honestly… most of these on the list would be a great gift for anyone- from your co-worker to your brother-in-law or even yourself!!

Clean Stocking Stuffers: 


  1. 1. LMNT Hydration Packs– up level your hydration without any added sugar or chemicals 
  2. 2. Corpus Naturals Deodorant– non-toxic deodorant that smells great and ACTUALLY works
  3. 3. Risewell Toothpaste– the best toothpaste without fluoride or any junk, tastes great too!
  4. 4. BeWell Protein Powder – the most natural stripped down collagen protein powder- tastes great in smoothies!
  5. 5. Danger Coffee– you can’t go wrong with Dave Asprey’s coffee, free of mold and is delicious 
  6. 6. Frother – great gift for anyone to fancy up their morning coffee or latte 

7. WeNatal Guided Journal– perfect for the beginner or expert journalers to help guide you through manifestation and to create a practice of gratitude with yourself and partner

Clean Gifts for Her: 


  1. 1. Osea Gift Box– 5 piece gift set made with seaweed infused, clean ingredients to help hydrate and create glowing radiant, skin
  2. 2. Ilia Gift Box– everything you need in one little set! This brand uses non-toxic ingredients that help protect the skin from environmental stressors- they even use sustainable packaging
  3. 3. Tiny Bandit Crystals – beautiful crystals that can help elevate your vibration and purpose of heart and mind
  4. 4. Beauty counter eye palette – limited-edition palette, made clean and exclusively for the holidays. Has 5 beautiful shades for day to night 
  5. 5. Goop Nourishing Lip Balm Trio – no chapped lips here! Made with botanical oils and will add a little pop of color any holiday party 
  6. 6. Fontana Non Toxic Candles– candles=cozy and this company makes non-toxic amazing smelling candles
  7. 7. Coyuchi Organic Robe This sustainably sourced and comfy robe will be the perfect gift for any woman in your life 

8. WeNatal for HER Formulated to promote overall reproductive health with a focus on egg quality, building nutrient reserves, and providing the building blocks for a healthy baby.

  1. Clean Gifts for Him: 
  2. 1. Necessaire Body Products stripped down and non-toxic body products (that anyone can enjoy!)
  3. 2. Organic Flannel – who doesn’t love a man in a flannel? Especially if it’s good for the earth 
  4. 3. TrueDark Glasses – block artificial light to help you sleep better and protect your eyes from artificial light  
  5. 4. Pact Boxers – these boxers are light and airy to keep sperm nice and healthy 
  6. 5. Quip Electric Brush – super sleek electric toothbrush with 3 months of battery supply! Sign us up! Don’t forget oral health is SO important for fertility 

6. WeNatal for HIM – formulated to help boost sperm health and provides energy and nutrition support

  1. Clean Gifts for Couples: 
  2. 1. Parachute Organic Sheets– THE softest, coziest sheets you’ll ever lay your body on
  3. 2. Stainless Steel Cookset– non-toxic cooking set that has all the pans you’ll need 
  4. 3. Our place– this fan favorite pan has all of your cooking needs covered- use it to braise, sear, steam, strain, saute, fry, boil. It’s made and coated with non-toxic material and comes in a variety of beautiful colors 
  5. 4. Olive Oil Duo – not all olive oil is created equal. This duo will wow your tastebuds! It is made with zero fillers or artificial preservatives and packaged in UV-protected containers to keep oil from going rancid 
  6. 5. AirDoc– clean air matters, especially in your home (indoor air can be up to 100x more polluted that outdoors). AIrDoc helps clean mold, bacteria, viruses, smoke, pollen, pet dander and more!
  7. 6. AeroGarden– grow your own herbs indoors no matter what time of year! 
  8. 7. AquaTru– give the gift of clean water! This reverse osmosis system is a great gift that will keep on giving all year long! 
  9. 8. L’AVANT Non Toxic Dish Soap -This holiday set is a perfect gift! Made with nontoxic, plant-based ingredients – safe for people, pets, and the planet. Smells like winter and is easy on your skin too!

9. WeNatal Bundle This duo is formulated for preconception through postpartum and optimized for couples, and conveniently bundled together, so your teamwork can make the dream work to grow the healthiest babies, together

  1. The Gift of Health:
  2. 1. Braintap This super cool device is a quick and easy way to optimize your brain’s peak potential. It’s backed by neuroscience and is proven to help with high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges. 
  3. 2. Parsley Health Membership– If you haven’t heard of Parsley Health, you’re missing out! Parsley health is a membership program with a science-backed approach to holistic and functional medicine.
  4. 3. Oura Ring – Bling that helps your health! The app will show a holistic picture of your health using over 20 biometric signals and can tell you when you need more sleep, when you might be getting sick, when it’s time to push yourself.
  5. 4. Levels CGM – Continuous glucose monitor provides real-time feedback on how your diet and lifestyle choices impact your metabolic health. 
  6. 5. Somnifix Mouth Tape – Have a partner who snores? Mouth tape is the perfect gift that you can benefit from as well 😉 In addition to helping with snoring, it also promotes mouth breathing and optimal oral health, increases CPAP compliance and helps to improve sleep quality.  
  7. 6. Genius Kitchen Cookbook – This Wall Street Journal Bestseller, written by Max Lugavere has 100 delicious recipes to help you lose weight, feel great, and reach optimum health.

7. Farmers Juice Subscription – this is what we call efficient nutrition! Farmers Juice is organically grown, has 1.5 lbs of fruits and veggies in ONE juice, is eco-friendly and absolutely delicious! 

  1. The Gift of Learning: 
  2. 1. Fab 4 Pregnancy-Kelly Leveque is a certified functional nutritionist, wellness expert, and best-selling author. Her holistic guide is all about caring for your body and your baby and is a perfect gift for anyone before, during and after pregnancy.
  3. 2. ELANZA Wellness- is a personalized wellness platform focused on balancing hormones and improving fertility through stress management and emotional support. 
  4. 3. Hello Baby Nutrition Course– Katie Dewhurst is a functional medicine health coach and nutritionist who helps teach mamas-to-be on how to optimize nutrition during pregnancy. 
  5. 4. Nutritionally Right Baby Program– Madeline Gibbs is a Functional Women’s health registered dietitian. Her program helps you feel confident in nourishing the body throughout each step of your journey to motherhood.
  6. 5. My Food Is Health– Brigid Titgemeier, functional dietician, who focuses on blood sugar, gut health and inflammation offers a 10-week virtual group nutrition program designed to help you improve your symptoms, labs & relationship with health.
  7. 6. Daysy Ovulation Tracker– daysy is the hormone-free solution for managing your fertility, cycles, and health. This is a great gift for anyone who is #ttc! 

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Vida Delrahim and Ronit Menashe

Vida Delrahim and Ronit Menashe

Best friends since meeting at Nike over 15 years ago. Pregnancy loss, just a week apart changed their career trajectories. As they dug into the research they realized that there was a major need in the fertility and pregnancy industry - a good quality prenatal for BOTH women AND men.

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