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Why everyone is switching to WeNatal. Read the science.

WeNatal AffiliatesPrenatal Supplement Affiliate Program for Practitioners

group photo of four girls and 2 guys situated in a backyard with a greenery background. 1 guys was also caught in the background while the group photo was taken. group photo of four girls and 2 guys situated in a backyard with a greenery background. 1 guys was also caught in the background while the group photo was taken.
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At WeNatal, we have one purpose - helping create healthy, little humans.

From formulating the cleanest, most potent prenatals for women AND men, to building community, tools and support for each stage of the parenthood journey, we want couples to thrive in the growth stage of life.

If you have been looking for the best prenatal supplement formula to recommend to your patients, our affiliate program would love to have you.

Finally, a prenatal for couples that is made with integrity that you can fully support with a clean conscience.

WeNatal For Him travel jar and glass jar and WeNatal For Her glass jar and travel vial inside a gift box

Our promise is to provide prenatal supplements for women and men with the best proven formula backed by science at an accessible price.

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About WeNatal

WeNatal is a Prenatal supplement company for women and men. We’re on a mission to reimagine the gender paradigms around fertility and pregnancy to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of couples, as well as their future children.

WeNatal is here to shift Prenatal care from a woman-centered to a couples-based approach—from Me to We. Our supplements—developed by a team of Functional Medicine doctors, nutritionists, and fertility experts and supported by cutting-edge scientific research—support women and men on their holistic preconception journey.

Unlike most options currently on the market, WeNatal is made without synthetic dyes, fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. We are obsessive about clean and potent ingredients, and we want to give our consumers the highest-quality product at an accessible price.

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About the program

  • Earn money

    We offer commission on net sales through affiliate links that you can provide your client / patient base.

  • Share discounts

    Using your direct link, your patients will receive a discount off their initial subscription.

  • Be in the know

    We work closely with our affiliates by updating them on the latest research on prenatal / preconception care and share our newest product launches.

  • Get samples

    We will send you samples of our product to share with your patients.

Want To Know More?

Feel free to contact for more information about this program.

Why WeNatal?

Obsessively formulated with integrity and attention to detail
WeNatal contains bioavailable ingredients (i.e., methylated B vitamins), in optimal dosages (4000 IU vitamin D), and contains critical nutrients often missing from prenatals (550 mg Choline), in only three capsules per day.
photo of a girl placing her WeNatal For Her capsules from the refill pouch to the WeNatal For Her glass jar
WeNatal contains bioavailable ingredients (i.e., methylated b-vitamins) in optimal dosages ( 4000 IU vitamin D) and contains critical nutrients often missing from prenatals in only 3 pills per serving.
photo of a couple kissing, the girl is pregnant while the guy has their son sitting on his shoulders. the sone kissing the dad's head
Focuses on the other half of the fertility equation - men’s health
WeNatal for Him is formulated to improve sperm count, sperm motility, morphology and increase antioxidant levels during the preconception period. It can be taken long-term for immune support.
photo of a guy holding the WeNatal For Him glass jar while sitting on a bed
Backed by a leading team of doctors and nutritionists
Supported and formulated by a team of Functional Medicine experts, including Dr. Mark Hyman, Kelly Leveque, Lisa Dreher, and Brigid Titgemeier.
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