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WeNatal: A Birth Story

WeNatal: A Birth Story
When you meet someone you just click with, it’s like a puzzle piece snapping perfectly into place. That’s what happened for us when we met at a corporate job more than a dozen years ago. The two of us connected on so many life milestones that happen in your twenties—falling in love, getting promoted, getting pregnant, and unfortunately, going through miscarriages.

After we lost those pregnancies, it left an indelible—and painful—imprint on our hearts, and we did what everyone does when they’re trying to find medical answers: We Googled with a vengeance. Why did this happen to Vida twice and to Ronit after easily getting pregnant with her daughter? Our doctors told us not to worry. It’s random! It’s your “advanced maternal age!” It’s beyond your control!

We felt helpless. And guilty. But when we really dug into page after page of Internet search results, it led us to a jackpot of scientific evidence proving there was actually a lot we could do to improve our odds of a healthy pregnancy and healthy child. And there was a lot our partners could do, too.

Nobody was talking about what should’ve been obvious—our husbands’ health!

We read studies about the effect of sperm quality on fertility and miscarriage, and even more research about the connection between men’s health and the likelihood of a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. Yet if a couple has fertility issues, it’s typically not until a year of trying that a man will see a urologist and have his sperm tested. That’s crazy, considering sperm completely regenerates every 80 or so days, and what a man is eating and drinking during that time is reflected in the quality and health of his sperm. That means if men cleaned up their diets and supplemented with nutrients proven to boost fertility, their 50 percent of the baby-making process might improve enough to lead to a healthy pregnancy and baby.

We had to wonder: Why is it that all of the pressure is on us—women—when it comes to getting pregnant?


We decided to put the research findings we couldn’t stop reading to the test with our own husbands. Sure enough, we were both pregnant again within a few months (with due dates just a few weeks apart!) and inspired to share what we’d learned.

That’s why we’re committed to talking about the golden window of opportunity before you get pregnant.

What researchers and doctors know is that the time before you conceive (a.k.a. preconception) is a 100-ish day period that can impact your baby’s life forever. In fact, the choices you make in the four to six months leading up to getting pregnant can not only boost your fertility, but also give you the best shot at having a healthy, happy, thriving baby.


But to do that, you need information. You need to know how to improve the quality of your eggs and sperm. You need to know what nutrients and supplements can optimize your health in the months before you get pregnant. And you need this info in a way that’s easy to understand, access, and implement into your own lives immediately. 

Enter WeNatal.

At first, we set out to make a preconception supplement for men. Then, we realized there isn’t a perfect prenatal vitamin out there for women. Far too many options have a synthetic form of folate called folic acid, which a whopping 40-60 percent of the population can’t metabolize. Even the ones with all the right ingredients often don’t have the optimal doses of each—or require you to take multiple (often huge!) pills during a time of your life when you’re likely more nauseous than ever. We realized we needed to make high-quality preconception supplements for both men and women proven to get clinical results. 


So that’s what we did. 


In the process, we launched a mission to shift the perception from “me” to “we” when it comes to getting ready for baby. Because here’s what we know for sure: The path to getting pregnant should really be a joint effort, with both of you doing everything you possibly can to create the healthiest little humans imaginable. 


WeNatal makes the entire process of parenthood a little easier. It’s a place where both of you can come for the resources and support during the months (or even years!) before you grow your family. We’re committed to providing you with everything you need to take a holistic approach during this exciting time, and we’re here to support you in all the ways you might need on this epic, amazing journey.


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Vida Delrahim and Ronit Menashe

Vida Delrahim and Ronit Menashe

Best friends since meeting at Nike over 15 years ago. Pregnancy loss, just a week apart changed their career trajectories. As they dug into the research they realized that there was a major need in the fertility and pregnancy industry - a good quality prenatal for BOTH women AND men.

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